How to Get Clients

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  • January 25, 2017

Clients are the driving force behind every business. That fact is something most business owners can agree on. You already have a great product or service so the next question to ask yourself is “How do I get clients?”.

These 5 methods have worked wonders for us:

1. Know Your Audience

Take the steps to get to know your ideal customer. These are the people you need to appeal to, which you simply can’t do if you have no idea as to what appeals to them. There are an array of simple steps you can take to learn more about potential clients. They include market research, surveys, and customer interviews, and much more. This article does a great job explaining these ideas more in-depth.

2. Content and SEO

Be mindful of your content – the goal is to attract your target audience. Once you’ve established your clients’ interests, the next step is to post content that appeals to those interests. After you’ve got relevant content, attract clients to your site by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). An easy SEO task to keep in mind is using long-tail keywords on your website.

When it comes to SEO, long-tail keywords cannot be ignored. There are simply too many competitors in the industry to use vague words or phrases like “wedding video” and still appear in the ranks. The goal is to find a long-tail keyword phrase that has a high search volume and relatively low competition. This will narrow the competing results as much as possible. Instead of “wedding video” try “Indianapolis Wedding Video”. Do you offer services others can’t? Appeal to the niche clients potentially seeking your company by throwing in keywords like “Indiana Drone Videographers” or “Video Booth Services in Indianapolis”. The possibilities are endless.

3. Advertise

Advertisements are a helpful tool because they provide a means to directly connect with people who have an interest in or need for what you offer.

Via Social Media:

By now it is well-known what a powerful tool social media is for small businesses. According to this article by the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science; social media helps attract customers and create a more personable brand. It does so by allowing for more direct interaction with the company. In addition to building your brand, most social media platforms offer advertising tools. Facebook is a great place to start off because it has more information about your target audience than most other social platforms.

Via Google:

AdWords by Google is perhaps the most efficient way to advertise. With AdWords, Google gives business owners the ability to choose their medium (search ads, banners, YouTube, and apps) and customize the region they’d like to reach (Indianapolis vs. Indiana vs. The Midwest). This means of advertisement is particularly useful for small business owners because it allows them the capability to set a day-to-day budget with the ability to pause the campaign at anytime.

4. Referrals

Time and again, word-of-mouth referrals prove to be the most powerful way to reach potential clients. As buyers, we put serious consideration into the opinions of the people we know and trust. If a close friend highly recommends a restaurant, we’re pretty likely to check it out for ourselves. Seems straightforward, right? Check out the hard evidence for yourself.

5. Find a Partner Within the Industry

As we previously mentioned, word-of-mouth is an effective way to get clients. Chances are, colleagues of the same industry are seeking the same clientele. You see how this is coming together, right? For example, if you are a wedding videographer in the Indianapolis area, it would be helpful to befriend a photographer or event coordinator in the region. A busy bride thoroughly understands the importance of time-management. If she’s already done her research and booked a top-notch photographer, that photographer’s referrals are going to seem very appealing. If you haven’t made friends in the industry yet, don’t panic! Instead, do some research and join a local, industry-based networking group in your area.

Clients are at the root of every great business, but they aren’t as elusive as some may let on. If you take the right steps and do quality work, once a customer does roll in, your company will flourish naturally.

Are there any tips you’ve found especially helpful for getting clients? Comment and share with us; we would love to hear from you!